Born in 1970, music became an important part of his life at an early stage. R&B, soul, hip-hop weren’t that important to Switzerland's national radio stations back then (which consisted of three national radio stations: one each for the German, French and Italian speaking parts of the country). The situation got better when the first pirate radio stations were founded. They opened the way for dance music - first only in late evening and throughout the night, later also at other times throughout the day. The French national radio station then formed a very successful program covering all styles of dance music that was (and still is) very important to Michael since they play mixes by international DJ’s like Tony Humphries, Louie Vega and David Morales to name a few.

In the early 90’s, there was one club in Zurich that had a big impact on Michael's understanding of music: the Flamingo club with resident DJ Roger. He was always upfront and played all the in demand records - house music as well as other styles, it just needed to have that little something that moves the crowd - as well as the classics. He started buying records at the music department of a big store in 1987. The employees there introduced him to dance music. Shortly after, the store stopped selling vinyl and the employees introduced Michael to Panthera Records, the store which they received their records from (which till present he buys most of his records from). There Michael was introduced to House music and met people that loved House and Garage music.

Michael started collecting dance music from the late 70’s and 80’s whenever he could find it, but since he didn’t know much of those songs, he was dependent on other people and what was played by DJ’s in the clubs and on the radio. Unfortunately, not many people in Switzerland have a depth background, so many ‘Loft’ or ‘Paradise Garage’ classics are not known to him. Nevertheless, Michael record collection is extensive with well over 12,000 records to show for.

Many times Michael has been asked why he has never worked as a DJ. Many people know about his love for the music, and they know that he has one of the most complete House music collections in Switzerland. In the past, being a DJ never really attracted him. But in October 2000 during his vacation in New York/USA, Timmy Richardson gave Michael the chance to play at club "2I" which was his debut as a club DJ. One week later, Michael played in Toronto/Canada at club "Roxy Blu".

In March 2001, Michael attended the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami for the first time. It was a great opportunity to promote his website SpiritOfHouse which he started back in 1996. The idea of the website was to share his love for House and Garage music with other people. Since then, the website has grown and features weekly reviews, news and mixes with the latest tunes available. In April 2001, shortly after the WMC, Michael returned to Toronto/Canada. He played at both club Una Mas and club Turbo.5

As attending the WMC in 2001 has been a great success for Michael, he decided to attend this conference for the following years to further promote his website SpiritOfHouse and to meet the people who admire his website. This yearly conference also gives him the chance to make new contacts with DJs, producers and labels from all over the world.

As Michael has been busy both with his daytime job and weekly updating the website, he could only accept a few bookings as DJ. They include playing at the "Mockingbird" in Toronto in 2002 after the WMC, playing at "Tukan Club" in Meersburg/Germany in April 2002 and the the "Purple Music Night @ Metro FN" in Friedrichshafen in May 2002. In May 2003, Michael played at "Funky Friday" @ Disco-Club "Broadway" in Ueberlingen/Germany. In 2004, Michael played at "Surface" in Toronoto/Canada shortly after attending the WMC.

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